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So amongst all the #NewYearNewMe 's in the past few weeks, I decided it was time for a new blogpost! A little round up on the last year and a bit of reflection on my time at Uni now it was over and I'd had some time to think on it. Tumblr however totally disagreed, and wouldn't let me login, or reset a password, and totally denied it ever existing. So. Okay. Cool.


I've decided it's probably time to start using the handy blog app on Wix! But if you ever happen to be at all mega interested in the handful of blog posts that were on my tumblr, it's still live at - I just can't get into it. Yayyyy technology! So, once I figure out this blog/app/thing, and can write posts without ending up with bits

l I k e t h I s ? ? ? (I have literally no idea how it does that?) I will hopefully have a much nicer, much more interesting blog for you to read!

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